Federal Appeals Court Orders Dismissal of Lawsuit Challenging Oklahoma Environmental Clean-Up Program

“From the beginning, this lawsuit was a political exercise with little basis in law,” said Attorney General John O’Connor. “The district court found no real problem, and now the D.C. Circuit has held that the case should have never been allowed in the first place. Oklahoma is grateful for that decision. Court battles like this can take years, unfortunately, but defending Oklahoma’s interests is always worth it.”

Amid Historic Inflation, Sens. Marshall, Cruz Introduce Bill Creating Transparency for Economic Impacts of Federal Regulations

Garden City, KS– U.S. Senators Roger Marshall, M.D. (KS) and Ted Cruz (TX) have introduced the National Regulatory Budget Act, legislation that would create transparency for the economic impacts of proposed and existing federal regulations. Specifically, this legislation establishes a new independent agency that would be required to assess and report on the economic costs…