Fort Riley, KS-

The Fort Riley Legal Assistance Office will no longer operate a Tax Center.

The Army Office of The Judge Advocate General announced last October that Staff Judge Advocate offices Army wide will no longer provide tax preparation services. The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate at Fort Riley had operated a Tax Assistance Center in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service’s Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program to provide tax preparation services for persons eligible to receive legal assistance under Army Regulation 27-3 and operated a Tax Center.

Workloads have increased in recent years for the Army’s legal assistance attorneys, resulting in the Judge Advocate General’s decision to stop providing tax preparation services Army wide.

Soldiers, families, and retirees within first year of separation can find tax preparation assistance through Military One Source. MilTax does not serve retirees beyond their first year of separation nor veterans. Tax preparation assistance is also available through the Internal Revenue Service.

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The Fort Riley Legal Assistance Office is unable to provide previous clients with copies of their prior year tax returns or any information contained in the return.  Please contact for a tax transcript.

The Fort Riley Legal Assistance Office will continue to provide the following services: