Wichita, KS– Governor Laura Kelly traveled to Wichita to call on local legislators to support her ‘Axing Your Taxes’ plan, which would save Kansans more than $500 million in tax cuts over the next three years. The three-pronged plan includes a push to immediately ‘axe the tax’ on groceries and eliminate the state sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products; create an annual sales tax holiday for schools supplies; and cut taxes on social security for retirees:

“I am calling on legislators of both parties to support my plan and provide much-needed financial relief to Kansas families and child care facilities,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “At a time when prices are on the rise, no family should still be paying state sales taxes on basic necessities like groceries and diapers. This plan creates real savings for all Kansans, including those who need it most.”

The event took place at Child Start: Fingerprints Head Start, a childcare facility in Wichita, to emphasize the benefits of this plan for Kansas families. Governor Kelly was joined by current and incoming legislators, stakeholders, and Child Start staff and children.

“These early years are the most delicate for a young child’s brain development, and so many of our families are already faced with significant challenges during these years. If we can eliminate some of those challenges by cutting taxes on groceries and diapers, our families can feel a little less stress,” said Tanya Bullock, Executive Director of Child Start. “With less stress, families can continue their greatest role during a child’s most vulnerable time and be there to create a safe and nurturing environment for that child to thrive in.”

Tanya also shared that Child Start spends $10,000 per year on diapers, so eliminating the state sales tax would quickly add up to major savings.