Governor Laura Kelly Directs State Agencies to Waive Fees for Kansans Affected by Wildfires in Reno and Harvey Counties

“These fires have placed an immense financial burden and have taken a significant emotional toll on those who were impacted in Reno and Harvey Counties,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “We want to ensure that we are not adding to the stress these Kansans are facing right now. My directives will help speed the recovery process by allowing those wildfire victims to replace their important documents quickly and begin the rebuilding process.”

Sen. Marshall and Ambassador Doud: Russian chaos in Ukraine hurts world supplies of wheat, corn and more

“U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. and Ambassador Gregg Doud, Former USTR Chief Agricultural Negotiator, penned an op-ed for the Kansas City Star highlighting the agricultural inflationary implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which will have rippling effects including high prices at the grocery store for all Americans. You may click HERE or scroll below to read their op-ed in its entirety.”

Sens. Moran, Marshall Call for Vladimir Putin to Be Held Accountable for War Crimes

“The appalling attacks on civilians in Ukraine are the latest in a long line of Vladimir Putin’s unjustifiable orders,” said Sen. Moran. “From indiscriminate bombings in Chechnya and Syria to targeted assassinations in London and Berlin, Vladimir Putin and those who obey his commands are not just thugs, they are war criminals. The United States and international community should hold them accountable.”

Downtown OKC ‘Walk n’ Talk’ Planned for World TB Day March 24

“World TB Day is an opportunity to recognize achievements in TB prevention and control, and renew our commitment to eliminating this devastating disease in Oklahoma,” TB Program Manager Amy Hill said. “Too many Oklahomans still suffer from TB. Efforts to improve awareness, testing, and treatment – particularly among groups at high risk – are critical to eliminating the disease in Oklahoma and the U.S.”