LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today’s EPA announcement to maintain the application deadline of June 30 for Nebraska farmers to use dicamba is welcome news. We thank State Agriculture Director Sherry Vinton for her efforts to oppose moving the dicamba application deadline to earlier than the June 30 cutoff.”

“Nebraska Farm Bureau has been a strong advocate for preserving the current dicamba spray window. As Nebraska’s largest farm and ranch organization, we represent producers who are reliant upon a diverse collection of crop protection products. Time and again our members have strongly supported its use and opposed efforts to move the application deadline earlier than the current June 30 cutoff.”

“Dicamba products are essential to address weed pressures in pre-plant and post-plant situations. Considering the need to manage weed threats effectively, all uses on the existing label, including over-the-top application, must also remain available to farmers. As resistance to some crop protection products has increased across the country, the need for diversification and innovation in this space cannot be understated. Again, we thank State Agriculture Director Sherry Vinton for partnering with Nebraska Farm Bureau to maintain the application deadline as June 30.”

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