Impact Sports and Fitness had a total of 39 participants take the Weight Loss Challenge this year that took place from January 9th to February 17th.  The contest was divided into two divisions, men and women; a change from previous years.  The winners were awarded based on the percentage of body weight lost during the six-week program. The top prize for each division was $350, followed by $200 for second place, and $100 for third place.  Alecia Sare, Fitness Trainer, led the program.

For the women’s division, the first place winner, Annette Caldwell, had a 6.9% weight loss. Charlotte Barten, second place, had a 6.25% weight loss, and Tammy Everett finished in third place with a 5.84% weight loss.

For the men’s division, the first place winner, David Elliott, had a 10.68% weight loss. Dan Meysenburg, second place, had a 9.62% weight loss, and Mitch Brandt finished in third place with a 10.33% weight loss.

“This year’s weight loss group was a lot of fun, we had a lot of competitors competing against each other each week which made it even more fun.  Everyone showed up each week with a positive attitude and determined to do better every time,” said Alecia Sare.

Impact Sports and Fitness, in Abilene, sponsors the Weight Loss Challenge annually. For more information, call 785-263-3888, or find them online at and on Facebook.