MANHATTAN — One-third of K-State students surveyed said they’d considered dropping out due to finances. For many, the stress of making ends meet disrupts their ability to learn. On March 22, All In for K-State, the university’s day of giving, raised $1,051,199 to bring financial education to all new students, equipping them with the knowledge they need to make smart decisions and relieve some stress.It starts with free financial well-being courses offered to all incoming students and adding more peer counselors to extend Powercat Financial’s reach.“We will start to see the dividend from the K-State generosity immediately with our newly admitted students this spring, as well as the development of exciting opportunities for every student to meaningfully engage in their financial future,” said Kathleen Hatch, Morrison family associate vice president for student well-being. “It is so hard to navigate early financial decisions that not only have the likelihood to reduce or add to the stress and pressures, but position students to have confidence and ultimately new competencies in managing their financial decisions.”K-Staters from every state in the U.S. and from five countries made 715 gifts to help make K-State students’ financial futures brighter.“Once again, K-Staters have rallied together for the benefit of K-State students,” said Eric Holderness, senior associate vice president of development at the KSU Foundation. “We surpassed the $1 million threshold through incredible generosity — a huge accomplishment we can all be proud of. Thank you to all those who gave to help change the financial futures of K-State students for years to come!”