Members from the River Valley Extension District 4-H Clubs attended District 4-H Club Day held Saturday, February 18th at Washington County High School in Washington, KS.

The following results are for all 5 Clay County, KS 4-H Clubs (Cloverleaf— CL, Countryside Crusaders— CC, Lincoln Creek— LC, Sturdy Oak— SO, Washington Headliners—WH)

Model Meeting:

Top Purple:  Countryside Crusaders

Lincoln Creek

Washington Headliners

Blue: Sturdy Oak
Talent:  Skits – Plays – Other Talent

Top Purple:  Brianne Langvardt, WH

Top Purple:  Gracie Speltz, CC

Blue:  Charlotte Hevelone, WH

Public Speaking:

2nd Alt. Top Purple:  Joni Begnoche, CC

Blue: Lainie Sleichter, LC

Jenna Fickes, WH

Jr. Demonstration/Illustrated Talk:

Top Purple:  Callen Burr, LC

Blue:  Holte Taddiken, LC

Keely Knepper, WH

Brielle Wolf, WH

Jacob Rieger, LC

Collin Nelson, LC

Neely Taddiken, LC

Red:  Charlotte Hevelone, WH

Jase Kloft, WH

Sr. Demonstration/Illustrated Talk:

1st Alt. Top Purple:  Austin Burr, LC

Blue:  Natalie Sleichter, LC

Chayla Maichel, LC

Red:  Lauren Benfer, SO

Jr./Sr. Poetry-Prose-Solo Acting:

Blue:  Lily Whitney, CL

Brielle Wolf, WH

Charlotte Hevelone, WH

Abagail Hevelone, WH

Whitney Baker, CC

Emily Avery, CL

Red:  Bailee Avery, CL

Anna Baxter, CC

Jr. Instrumental Music:

Top Purple:  Hannah Cott, WH

1st Alt. Top Purple:  Neelly Taddiken, LC

Blue:  Mallie Brown, CL

Red:  Bailee Avery, CL

Jr. Piano Solos:

Top Purple:  Claira Wolf, WH

Drew Floresch, CC

Blue:  Hannah Cott, WH

Carson Cott, WH

Brielle Wolf, WH

Callen Burr, LC

Sr. Instrumental Music:

Top Purple:  Aiden Argo, LC

Addisyn Stapp, WH

Blue:  Lainie Sleichter, LC

Joni Begnoche, CC

Red:  Emily Avery, CL
Vocal Music:

Blue:  Lily Whitney, CL

Addisyn Stapp, WH
Project Talks:

Top Purple:  Bradi Hartman, CC

Josey Weller, CC

1st Alt. Top Purple:  Pratt Taddiken, LC

Blue:  Kate Wenzl, WH

Emmett Girrens, LC

Clara Girrens, LC

John Sleichter, LC

Carson Cott, WH

Jace Kloft, WH

Anna Baxter, WH

Keely Knepper, WH

Kolette Knepper, WH

June Davis, WH

Jaxson Stapp, WH

Show & Share:

Participation: Ryan Baxter, CC

Participation: Adilynne Nelson, LC

Participation: William Weisenburger, LC

Participation: CheviAnn Washa, WH

Participation: Abagail Hevelone, WH

Participation: Raymond Hevelone, WH


AIR Contest (Application, Interview, Resume) for 16 years old or older:

Red:  Chayla Maichel, LC

Red:  Aubrey Schlesener, CC


Eligible Top Purple placings may participate in the Regional 4-H Club Day to be held March 25, 2023, at the Clay Center Community High School, 1630 9th Street, Clay Center.