By Alisa Boswell-Gore

STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahoma State University wheat varieties are among the top four varieties planted in Oklahoma for the ninth consecutive year, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

“Wheat is essential to human nourishment and health. Our research in wheat genetics is well positioned to continue leading the nation in advances in food sustainability, quality and security,” said Scott Senseman, associate vice president of OSU Ag Research. “We are proud to see the evidence of our scientists’ discoveries making the world better through the land-grant system.”

Doublestop CL Plus remains the most planted wheat variety in the state for the second consecutive year. It has remained in the top three since 2019. Gallagher has remained in the top three of most planted varieties since 2015, while Smith’s Gold has remained in the top four since 2020.

The following OSU wheat varieties are the top five planted varieties in the state in 2023:

Endurance, OK Corral, Bentley, Iba, Butler’s Gold, Strad CL Plus, Centerfield, Duster, Uncharted, Deliver, Garrison, Ruby Lee and Baker’s Ann were also planted in Oklahoma this year.

“We do not take for granted Oklahoma producers’ trust in the OSU Wheat Improvement Team,” said Brett Carver, wheat genetics chair in the OSU Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. “We must improve productivity and genetic diversity in our varieties so that wheat producers can improve their bottom line and diversify their operations. The success of our entire wheat industry rests on the success of our wheat producers.”

WIT is already well on its way to doing so with a new hard red winter wheat variety called High Cotton that was recently approved for commercial release. The variety significantly raises yield and has broad disease resistance. It can also serve as a dual-purpose wheat to support the state’s beef cattle industry.

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