Topeka, KS- Governor Laura Kelly announced that Kansas exported $5.35 billion in agricultural goods in 2021. This is the first time that Kansas agriculture exports exceeded $5.0 billion in at least a decade. Those exports were also $1.30 billion, or 32.35%, more than 2020.

“Kansans have long-known that farmers, ranchers, and agriculture producers are vital to our state’s economy,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “Kansas is a national leader in agriculture, and setting these records solidifies the important role the state also has on a global scale.”

The top export for Kansas in 2021 was meat, which made up $2.06 billion, or 54.07%, of all agriculture exports. The second was cereals making up $1.51 billion, or 39.75%, of total agriculture exports in 2021. Other products exported include oilseed, vinegar, beverages, dairy products, milling products, fats, vegetables, flour, and starch, among other products.

Even though supply chain issues impacted many industries, Kansas exported agricultural products to 187 foreign markets in 2021. Mexico, Japan, and China were the top three countries to purchase Kansas agricultural goods. Mexico purchased $1.91 billion, or 44.33%, of all agriculture exports. Japan followed by purchasing $822.78 million, or 19.90%, of all Kansas agriculture exports. China was third with $701.30 million, or 16.96%, purchased. South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brazil were other countries in the top ten.

“Through the work of Kansas farmers, ranchers, other agriculture producers, and ag and food processors, in partnership with our Division of Agricultural Marketing, Kansas leads in agriculture,” Agriculture Secretary Mike Beam said.

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