K-State Research and Extension news service 


Manhattan, KS- In this video from K-State Research and Extension, food scientist Karen Blakeslee walks viewers through the steps necessary to properly prepare for an outdoor barbecue, and how to make sure your food is safe.


Preparation includes separate ice chests for food and beverages; re-sealable containers for transporting foods prepared ahead of time; and washcloths to keep the area – and your own hands – clean.


When grilling, “one of the most important things is a food thermometer,” Blakeslee said. “This is what you’ll use to check the temperature of your meat products to know when they’re done.”


For commonly grilled foods, the safe internal temperatures include:

Blakeslee, who is coordinator of K-State’s Rapid Response Center for food safety, publishes a monthly newsletter called You Asked It! that provides numerous tips on food safety. More information is also available from local extension offices in Kansas.


K-State Research and Extension video produced by Nathan Leatherman