Amarillo, TX – On behalf of three female athletes, Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a friend-of-the-court brief in federal district court Friday opposing a Biden administration mandate that forces doctors to perform harmful medical procedures that seek to alter a patient’s biological sex even if the procedure violates the doctors’ medical judgment or religious beliefs. That mandate depends on Title IX, a federal statute that the administration is also interpreting to require women to compete against men on women’s sports teams.

Because the Biden administration has reinterpreted the word “sex” to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” in various anti-discrimination clauses in federal statutes, including the Affordable Care Act and Title IX, the administration’s attempt to compel health care professionals also directly impacts female athletes by requiring them to compete against men on women’s sports teams. ADF attorneys filed the brief in the case, Neese v. Becerra, on behalf of Maddie Dichiara, who is on a full-tuition scholarship to play soccer at the University of Houston, Chelsea Mitchell, an All-American long jumper who won numerous state championships in sprinting and jumping events, and Madison Kenyon, a track and cross-country athlete at Idaho State University.

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Case Name: Neese v. Becerra

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