Topeka, KS– The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) joins individuals and communities across the country to celebrate National Women’s Health Week from May 8-14, 2022. This week offers an opportunity to consider the many ways we can support all women in achieving their best possible health outcomes.

The past two years have left many women feeling exhausted, mentally strained, and isolated. “As a mother and grandmother, I know firsthand that women tend to make sure everyone else is the priority, but often struggle to find time for themselves,” said Secretary Janet Stanek Secretary. “Women have many roles and wear many hats inside and outside the family. It is an opportune time to remind and encourage all women to move up taking care of themselves on that priority list.

Women can find ways to prioritize their health through some simple steps like scheduling annual well-visits or screenings, starting a fun exercise routine or exploring a local farmers market with friends and family.\

Maintaining communication and regular appointments with health care providers is important and can help detect early warning signs which may result in less intense treatment.  Most of these services are covered through an insurance plan or through the Affordable Care Act coverage.  The health care providers you should see and speak with regularly include:


Adults should become established with a primary care provider or family doctor. They will perform a physical exam, assess medical history and risk factors and can be a resource for discussing reproductive health, cancer screenings, vaccinations, mental health and more.

Learn more about National Women’s Health Week and the steps you can take to care for yourself and the women in your life. Remember, it is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.