Oklahoma City, OK – Attorney General Gentner Drummond has notified Oklahoma County District Attorney Vicki Behenna that his office will take on the responsibility of prosecuting Epic Charter School’s two founders and their former chief financial officer.

“As you and I have discussed and as I have said publicly, I believe the Office of Attorney General should be responsible for the prosecution of this matter,” Drummond wrote Tuesday in a letter to Behenna. “These allegations involve tens of millions of Oklahoma tax dollars intended for public education, and the State has a strong interest in ensuring proper accountability. Given the statewide impact of this case on public education funding, I believe it is wholly appropriate that fall under the purview of the Office of Attorney General.”

Ben Harris, David Chaney and Josh Brock were charged by then-Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater last June with racketeering, embezzlement, obtaining money by false pretense and other allegations. The charges culminated after a multiyear investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and an audit by State Auditor and Inspector Cindy Byrd.

The letter from Drummond to Behenna is available HERE.