Topeka, KS – More than 300 Kansas consumers have received more than $167,000 in refunds by Ford Motor Company as part of a nationwide settlement over claims Ford falsely advertised real-world fuel economy of certain model trucks, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said today.

The refunds are part of a $19.2 million multistate settlement with Ford over the marketing of its 2013–2014 C-Max hybrids and the payload capacity of model year 2011–2014 Super Duty pickup trucks. In addition to the $167,175 shared by 304 Kansas consumers, Kansas will receive $283,546.98 to provide consumer protection enforcement and education.

“Given the price of new vehicles and rising cost of fuel, consumers expect that the price and claims on the vehicle sticker are valid,” Schmidt said. “Kansans expect the honest truth about vehicle features and that they will get what they pay for. This settlement holds Ford accountable for being less than forthcoming about the true performance of their trucks.”

A nationwide investigation by state attorneys general found that Ford made misleading representations about the vehicles, including the distance that could be driven on a tank of fuel, comparison to other hybrids on the market, or omitting certain factors that accounted for vehicle weight that would affect fuel mileage. The settlement corrects Ford’s deceptive advertising practices, and helps ensure that Ford will not make false or misleading advertising claims about the fuel economy of its vehicles.

More information on safe car buying and avoiding scams is available on the attorney general’s consumer protection website at If you suspect a scam or fraud, or any other violation of Kansas consumer protection laws, you can file a complaint with our Consumer Protection Division online at that website or by calling (800) 432-2310.