FBI Kanas City Warns of Increase in Sextortion Schemes Targeting Young Boys

“Parents should be aware of these sextortion schemes to better prepare themselves for conversations with their children. Discussions like these can be difficult but are important in keeping children safe from predators. Many times, victims are hesitant to come forward, and as caregivers, teachers, or trusted adults, it is imperative that we bridge that gap. Reporting these incidents may not only help protect your child from harm, but other children as well,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Charles Dayoub.”

K-State Family Mourns Loss of Former President Jon Wefald

“During his 23 years of leadership, the university added more than 2.2 million square feet of new buildings, including the addition to Hale Library, the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art and the K-State Alumni Center. As K-State’s president, he helped philanthropy increase from $6 million a year to nearly $100 million annually and research funding grew from $18 million annually to nearly $134 million.”

Kansas Governor’s Repeat Veto of Short-Term Health Plan Bill Protects Patients

“The American Heart Association is thankful for Governor Kelly’s commitment to vetoing these junk plans and supporting policy that will provide access to quality healthcare, such as KanCare Expansion. STLDPs are meant to fill gaps in coverage. Extending these plans comes with too much risk for Kansas families faced with unexpected emergencies such as heart attack or stroke, leaving them with high out of pocket costs and emotional and financial stress,” said Nancy Holland, Kansas State Advocacy Committee Vice-Chair, American Heart Association.”