Oklahoma- More than 90 cannabis-related bills were filed at the beginning of the session, but as lawmakers wind down their time at the Capitol, only 20 remain. Four bills have been signed by Gov. Kevin Stitt, while others are waiting to be heard on the floor or are working through conference committees.

Several of the bills are aimed at cracking down on the cannabis black market — an issue heightened by multiple large-scale illegal marijuana busts. A few bills target standardizing operations, and others add more regulations and fees to the licensing process. Overall, bolstering the OMMA’s authority, increasing penalties for violations and implementing measures to mitigate impacts on natural resources were key areas of focus during this legislative session.

Here are the remaining cannabis-related bills:

*denotes the bill is in conference committee
**denotes the bill is waiting to be heard on the floor in one or both chambers
† denotes the bill has passed through both chambers and is waiting on governor approval

Signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt:

For legislation still in conference committees, committee reports for the bills are sent to the originating chamber and then the opposite chamber for approval or rejection. Upon approval, the bill is read on the floor. Upon rejection, the bill can go back to the conference committee.
Marijuana business requirements:

Packaging and selling requirements:

Bolstering OMMA and enforcement:

Restructuring the licensure process:

Restructuring marijuana tax revenue: