Oklahoma — The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) will stop processing applications for new grower, dispensary and processor licenses for up to two years after Gov. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 3208 on Thursday. 

The moratorium begins Aug. 1. Current grower, dispensary and processor licenses are not included. 

“All of our current grower, dispensary and processor licensees who stay in compliance with our rules should know HB 3208 doesn’t change anything for them – owners of current licenses will still be able to apply for renewal when it’s time,” said OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry. “OMMA stands ready to implement HB 3208 by incorporating it into our rules during the rulemaking process, fulfilling the regulatory duties entrusted in us by Gov. Stitt, the Legislature and every Oklahoman.” 

Moratorium Details 

OMMA will accept new grower, dispensary and processor applications through 11:59 p.m. Aug. 1. 

The moratorium ends Aug. 1, 2024, or earlier if the Executive Director determines all pending license reviews, inspections or investigations are complete. 

HB 3208 itself takes effect July 1. OMMA will incorporate the legislation into new emergency rules that will take effect before the moratorium begins. Find more information about the rulemaking process on OMMA’s website

Most applicants for new and renewed grower, dispensary and processor licenses may still resubmit a corrected license application once if the initial application is rejected after Aug. 1. Some circumstances may require a denial, and other circumstances could allow an additional chance to resubmit a corrected application. 

After Aug. 1, any applicant for a grower, dispensary or processor application whose application is denied may not apply for a new license until the moratorium is over. Licensees who surrender a license after Aug. 1 also may not apply for a new one during the moratorium. 

Any grower, dispensary or processor licensee who allows the license to expire after Aug. 1 without submitting a renewal application will not be able to apply for a renewed or new license during the moratorium.