Lenexa, KS– Governor Laura Kelly today traveled to the Hillcrest Transitional Housing Clothing Bank in Lenexa to share how her “Axing Your Taxes” plan impacts low-income families. That plan includes a push to immediately ‘axe the tax’ on groceries and eliminate the state sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products; create an annual sales tax holiday for school supplies; and cut taxes on social security for retirees.

“Taxes on groceries and other basic necessities exacerbate income inequality, because lower-income Kansans spend a higher share of their income on those taxes than wealthier Kansans,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “By Axing the Tax on basics, we’ll put money back in the pockets of Kansans who need it most.”

The Hillcrest Transitional Housing Clothing Bank helps homeless families become self-sufficient contributors to society through education and directly addressing the life situation of families in their care. Governor Kelly was joined by Hillcrest’s leadership team.

“Hillcrest Transitional Housing clients are successful, but still need just a little economic relief to end that treacherous cycle of poverty,” said Tom Lally, President and CEO of Hillcrest Transitional Housing. “The sales tax relief proposed by Governor Kelly today at the Hillcrest Lenexa thrift store provides that little bit of economic relief for homeless families and youth to be successful in their journey toward self-sufficiency.”

Governor Kelly’s remarks as prepared can be found here.