K-State Research and Extension news service 


Manhattan, KS- In this video from K-State Research and Extension, agronomist Dorivar Ruiz Diaz explains the benefit of applying starter fertilizers when planting corn.


Starter fertilizers refer to a method of applying a small amount of fertilizer near the seed to meet the demands of the seedling, aiding in early growth and development of the crop.


Ruiz Diaz said applying starter fertilizer could be especially useful this year, considering high prices for fertilizer.


“In many situations, we may not need to apply the full rate of phosphorus if we have enough in the soil,” he said, adding that producers may “be in a situation where the use of starter fertilizer will assure that (they) are capturing the potential yield benefits without putting the full rate of phosphorus application.”


He adds that often the most effective way of applying many nutrients – including micro-nutrients – is by starter fertilizer.


K-State Research and Extension video produced by Dan Donnert