Topeka, KS- The Kansas Chamber on Thursday released its 2022 Capitol Gains report, summarizing progress made during the 2022 Legislative Session to make Kansas the best state to do business.


“The Chamber’s advocacy work at the statehouse focuses on reducing the burden government places on Kansas businesses so they can thrive, create more jobs, and invest in their communities,” said Kansas Chamber President & CEO Alan Cobb. “But there’s still work to be done so Kansas can compete and win.”


Each year, the Kansas Chamber gathers member input for its legislative agenda and shares those policy priorities with the Kansas Legislature to ensure policymakers understand the needs of the Kansas business community. The organization’s annual Capitol Gains report is designed to demonstrate how advocacy for that agenda is received and acted on at the Kansas State Capitol.


“A lot of bills supported by the Kansas Chamber during the 2022 session passed with large majorities,” Cobb explains. “While there may be a few controversial bills each year, by and large the policies the Chamber team champions on behalf of Kansas businesses have strong support within the Legislature.”


Cobb said requiring a review of state rules and regulations every five years, allowing the independent practice of nurse practitioners, and strengthening computer science standards for K-12 students were among the bills supported by the Chamber that passed with strong bi-partisan support.


The 2022 Capitol Gains report covers a range of legislative outcomes concerning taxation, human resources, health care, regulatory affairs, education and workforce development, legal reform, and more.


Click here to download a copy of the 2022 Capitol Gains report.