Ellis, KS–Recent drought conditions resulting in minimal inflow at Ellis City Lake are having detrimental effects on local fish populations. And, continued dry weather may lead to significant fish losses in the near future. That’s why the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) and the City of Ellis, Kan. have issued a temporary order to open the lake to public salvage effective immediately.

When a public fish salvage is in effect, the public may collect any remaining fish in the designated waterbody by any legal methods, as well as by hand, dip net, or seine, per K.A.R. 115-7-1. The Ellis City Lake fish salvage order also temporarily removes all daily creel limits and size limits, per K.A.R. 115-25-14.

Anglers should pay special mind to posted notices around the lake, as this order will remain in effect only until posted notice is removed.

Under normal conditions, anglers can expect to find the following species at Ellis City Lake:

Other waterbodies with a temporary fish salvage order in place due to drought include Warren Stone Memorial Lake, two miles east of La Crosse.

For information on Ellis City Lake, including directions, click HERE.

For information on Warren Stone Memorial Lake, click HERE.

For all other information, contact KDWP district Fisheries biologist Dave Spalsbury at (785) 726-3212.