Lincoln, NE– Nebraska Farm Bureau has taken a position of support for a constitutional amendment that would allow political subdivisions that own or operate an airport to spend money to develop new or expanded commercial air travel.


“Nebraska Farm Bureau has a long history of supporting economic development opportunities to grow rural Nebraska. Nebraska is at a disadvantage when it comes to air service across the state, but a ‘yes’ vote on Amendment 1 will help ensure commercial air service in rural areas of Nebraska and economic vitality,” said Mark McHargue, Nebraska Farm Bureau president.


Nebraska Farm Bureau delegates representing farmers and ranchers from all 93 Nebraska counties supports policy that encourages legislations and economic development incentives for meaningful and supportive economic development programs.


“Growing commercial air service at smaller airports would also assure that essential services are delivered to rural areas of Nebraska such as the health and welfare of communities, maintaining supply chains, manufacturing and agriculture support, and food and fuel supplies,” McHargue said.


Amendment 1 will appear on the Nebraska General Election ballot November 8.


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