Abilene, Kan. — The World’s Largest Belt Buckle could be on its way to Kansas with Abilene hoping to break the record and beat a Texas town for the title.

Julie Roller-Weeks, director at the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau, was trying to find a way to add to Abilene KS when she came up with the idea to add in a World’s Largest roadside attraction.

So, she got to work. She said the project has progressed quickly and Monday it was announced they received funding from the Kansas Tourism Attraction Development grant in the amount of $22,000.

The hope is to showcase the belt buckle during the Central Kansas Free Fair and Wild Bill Hickock Rodeo.

When it comes to the design…

As for the dimensions of the buckle, Roller-Weeks said she’s going to wait to release the information since they are competing with Texas for the title. Texas’ buckle is 10 by 14 feet. She says theirs will be larger.

There will also be a spiral staircase on the back so pictures can be taken to make it look like you are wearing the buckle.