K-State Salina-Led Innovation Competition Rewards Drone Enthusiasts for their Innovative Ideas

“The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Public Safety Communications Research Division, along with K-State Salina and Mississippi State University, hosted the First Responder UAS Triple Challenge, a prize competition for drone enthusiasts to build and operate unmanned aircraft that can better help first responders in emergency situations.”

Missing Kansas Kids

“This weeks Kansas Missing Kids are: 16 year old Cherish T.L. Mayson, 17 year old Tyana Marie Macy, 15 year old Blake Pope, 17 year old Dezire S. Carter, 17 year old Joseph Collins, 16 year old Gabriella Schild, 15 year old Nevaeh M. Lyday all from Wichita Kansas; and 16 year old Taylor Criswell from Garden City, Kansas.”