ICYMI: Sen. Marshall Rips Biden’s Energy Policies as Americans Struggle to Pay for High Prices at the Pump

“We all know the decrease supply of gasoline is on the back of Joe Biden’s policies. Every time he opens his mouth, every time the Secretary of Energy talks, they create uncertainty… What we need is a regulatory pause… that’s what my legislation does is to have a regulatory pause on anything that would slow down our oil and gas industry, says Sen. Marshall.”

Representative Mann and Senator Moran Urge the Department of Commerce to Suspend Duties on Nitrogen Fertilizers

“The Department’s decision to exercise its discretion to increase the producer/exporter’s cost of production, and thus its dumping margin, has effectively shut down all imports of [urea ammonium nitrate] UAN from Trinidad and Tobago at a time when U.S. fertilizer prices are at all-time highs,” the members wrote.”