Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to Provide $2 Million to Office of Juvenile Affairs to Fund Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Interventions

“State law requires part of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana excise tax revenue to fund anti-drug and rehabilitation programs. The $2 million for OJA’s research-based program comes from that funding. Licensed medical marijuana patients and caregivers pay the excise tax, plus state and local sales taxes, when making purchases at dispensaries.”

Sens. Moran, Blumenthal Honor Veterans who Helped with Evacuations from Afghanistan

“Afghanistan fell to the Taliban on August 15, 2021, resulting in a humanitarian and global security crisis. In the months following the collapse of Afghanistan, thousands of Americans, Afghans and foreign nationals sought refuge from the Taliban. The U.S. evacuation led to the greatest military airlift operation since World War II and the death of 13 American servicemembers.”

K-State Research Suggests Probiotics May Pose Risks to Animal, Human Health

“Although probiotics are beneficial bacteria, some bacterial species can have unintended negative consequences,” Amachawadi said. “Our research has shown that Enterococcus faecium carries genes that confer resistance to antibiotics widely used in human medicine. Feeding such products to animals raises the possibility that the genes can be transferred to pathogenic bacteria and make them resistant to antibiotics, which can be passed on to humans.”