Cut the Cost of Watering Trees

As the temperatures climb into the 90s and above, most trees require more water, but more water means more costs. Kansas State horticulture expert Ward Upham says modifying soaker hoses can help homeowners save a few dollars.  

Video: How to Control Flies on Livestock

K-State Research and Extension news service    Manhattan, KS- In this video, K-State Research and Extension veterinary entomologist Cassandra Olds outlines the best ways to control flies in livestock herds, a problem that she says “plagues most producers most years.”   While most people associate flies as one breed, there are actually four types that […]

Cattle Chat: Reasons to Test Hay for Quality

By Lisa Moser, K-State Research and Extension news service   Manhattan, KS — For the health-conscious consumer, time spent reading the nutrient profiles of food packages is an important strategy to maintain a well-balanced diet.   In much the same way, beef producers who know the nutrient profile of the hay they are feeding their […]

Keep an Eye Out for Algae Overgrowth in Ponds This Summer

By Alisa Boswell-Gore   Stillwater, OK – Most Oklahoma ponds are green thanks to algae that forms on the water, but just like anything else, too much algae can be a bad thing.   Algae is a normal occurrence in ponds unless it becomes too thick. That’s when pond owners are in danger of the […]

4-H Roundup: Steadfast in Tradition While Offering New Opportunities

Stillwater, OK. – State 4-H Roundup has long been steeped in tradition for the delegates who make their way to Oklahoma State University for the three-day event. For more than a century, club members have been attending workshops, campaigning for state office and recognizing the achievements of their peers. While tradition is important, the 101st […]

White Specks May be Indication of Pine Needle Pest

By Taylor Jamison, K-State Research and Extension news service   Manhattan, KS – White specks on pine needles may appear inconspicuous, but are actually a type of pest called scales, said Kansas State University horticulture expert Ward Upham.   “Pine needle scale is an armored scale that is found across the United States but especially […]

Governor Laura Kelly Announces Funding for Murals in 14 Rural Communities

Topeka, KS – Governor Laura Kelly today announced 14 communities will receive funding through the Office of Rural Prosperity’s Rural Mural and Public Art grant program. The $90,000 in grants enables communities with fewer than 10,000 residents to create new murals and public art projects that will beautify community gathering spaces and serve as new […]

OSU Scientists Revolutionizing Legume Genetic Research

“Over the last 16 years, we have distributed more than 15,000 lines of this collection to scientists at more than 150 research organizations in about 28 countries,” Wen said. “It increases OSU’s impact reach because people now acknowledge they received that material from the university.”