Food Waste and Loss Hurt Human, Environmental Health, Panel Says

“Between 20-30% of all food produced worldwide is lost at various stages of the supply chain before it is ever consumed, said Dr. Patrick Webb, a professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University and director of USAID’s Feed the Future’s Food Systems for Nutrition Innovation Lab. Webb was the keynote speaker at the April 12 Speaker Series event, titled “Food Waste and Loss: Global Perspectives.””

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to Provide $2 Million to Office of Juvenile Affairs to Fund Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Interventions

“State law requires part of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana excise tax revenue to fund anti-drug and rehabilitation programs. The $2 million for OJA’s research-based program comes from that funding. Licensed medical marijuana patients and caregivers pay the excise tax, plus state and local sales taxes, when making purchases at dispensaries.”