Mann, Smith, Latta Introduce Legislation Protecting Family-Owned Farms, Ranches, Businesses

“We continue to see damaging policies in the Biden Administration’s tax plan, including an effort threatening with the stepped-up basis,” said Rep. Mann. “Removing this provision would hurt generational Kansas farmers and ranchers and weaken their ability to keep assets in the family. The day-to-day trials of operating a successful farm, ranch, or small business are challenging enough without worrying about paying devastatingly large capital gains taxes. We must preserve the stepped-up basis and protect agriculturists now and in the future.”

Garden Growing Pains

“K-State horticulture expert says many crops can adapt to grow vertically”

Video: The Potential of Cover Crops to Provide Nitrogen in Farm Fields

“The current study – which is being conducted at the Ashland Bottoms research plots south of Manhattan – may provide greater understanding “of how we can maximize the efficient use of fertilizer (such as nitrogen or phosphorus) and how we can adjust the management decisions when we have cover crops in the rotation,” Tomlinson said.”

Research at Kansas State University Discovers Destressing Benefit from Feeding Cattle Industrial Hemp

“Our new research helps us better understand how cannabinoids present in industrial hemp interact with bovine physiology and pharmacology,” Kleinhenz said. “For instance, we now know that repeated daily doses of CBDA via feeding hemp does not result in accumulation of cannabinoids in the blood. Additionally, it solidified previous research and shows that each cannabinoid has its own absorption and elimination profile.”