Searching for a Lyme Cure

“This unresolved “infection from Hell” are maddening for patients who must spend their time and money consulting with multiple doctors who prescribe an endless stream of antibiotics and other medications that do nothing to stem inflammation and ease the patient’s pain and discomfort.”

K-State Research Suggests Probiotics May Pose Risks to Animal, Human Health

“Although probiotics are beneficial bacteria, some bacterial species can have unintended negative consequences,” Amachawadi said. “Our research has shown that Enterococcus faecium carries genes that confer resistance to antibiotics widely used in human medicine. Feeding such products to animals raises the possibility that the genes can be transferred to pathogenic bacteria and make them resistant to antibiotics, which can be passed on to humans.”

Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation Announces 2022 FFA Advisors of the Year

“The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation is proud to support these exceptional educators. They go above and beyond for their students and the industry they love, and the future of Nebraska agriculture is bright thanks to their work,” said Megahn Schafer, executive director of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation.”