Video: Yellow wheat could be sign of sulfur deficiency

“One of the factors that might be contributing to yellow wheat this time of year is sulfur deficiency,” Ruiz Diaz said. “Often times we tend to confuse sulfur deficiency with nitrogen deficiency because of the similarities we see in symptoms.”

Hearing for Proposed Revision of Dairy Laboratory Regulation

“KDA is proposing revisions to K.A.R. 4-7-804, which establishes the fee schedule for dairy laboratory analyses. The current fee schedule no longer covers the costs associated with each laboratory analysis; in addition, the proposed regulation offers new laboratory analyses that the KDA Laboratory did not have the capacity to complete when the current regulation was adopted.”

Rep. Mann Delivers State of Agriculture on the House Floor

“Madam Speaker, I rise today to deliver the next installment of my Farm Bill Impact Series – The State of Agriculture. We’re at the end of the first quarter, National Ag Month just ended, and as Congress prepares to reauthorize the Farm Bill, we should examine the state of agriculture.”