Giving Day at Fort Hays State a Tremendous Success

“The tremendous success of FHSU’s Giving Day proves further that Fort Hays State is a university of resilience, strength, and community. In total, 810 Tiger fans from 40 states came together to invest in areas across campus that were in-need of financial support. Many donors elected to support more than one project leading to just under 1,000 gifts.”

CCMC Navigated Through the Pandemic But Not Without its Struggles

“When it comes to staffing, Gillard says every hospital is struggling with staffing, but they have a few traveling nurses giving their staff breathing room. He added it’s allowing them to keep their one nurse for every four patient’s ratio to continue, which is a goal of his.”

US Representative Makes a Stop In Clay Center

“He continued by saying there were efforts last year to do away with in regards to the tax provision that has been in place for decades. They have fought and fought to keep it in place, he added, and so far, they have been successful, but efforts are underway again to get rid of the provision.”