Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority to Provide $2 Million to Office of Juvenile Affairs to Fund Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Interventions

“State law requires part of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana excise tax revenue to fund anti-drug and rehabilitation programs. The $2 million for OJA’s research-based program comes from that funding. Licensed medical marijuana patients and caregivers pay the excise tax, plus state and local sales taxes, when making purchases at dispensaries.”

Kansas Governor’s Repeat Veto of Short-Term Health Plan Bill Protects Patients

“The American Heart Association is thankful for Governor Kelly’s commitment to vetoing these junk plans and supporting policy that will provide access to quality healthcare, such as KanCare Expansion. STLDPs are meant to fill gaps in coverage. Extending these plans comes with too much risk for Kansas families faced with unexpected emergencies such as heart attack or stroke, leaving them with high out of pocket costs and emotional and financial stress,” said Nancy Holland, Kansas State Advocacy Committee Vice-Chair, American Heart Association.”