Public Health Advisories for Kansas Lakes Due to Blue-Green Algae

“These toxins can be absorbed by ingestion, inhalation of aerosols and even skin contact. Symptoms vary depending upon the type of exposure (e.g. direct contact, ingestion, inhalation) but can include rash, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, sore throat, and headache.”

Kansas Missing Kids

“16 year old Kayden Conlee of Pittsburg, Kansas; 14 year old Lamyah K. Shaffer of Wichita, Kansas; 17 year old Tierra Long of Wichita, Kansas; 15 year old James Geihsler of Junction City, Kansas; 16 year old Tucker Eshelman of Salina, Kansas and 15 year old Zolah Marshall of Goddard, Kansas; and an unidentified man who was found in Trego County in 1995.”