Governor Laura Kelly Announces Applications Open for the 2023-2026 Poet Laureate of Kansas

“By preserving the legacy of the generations that came before us, inspiring artists of the future, and driving community and economic development, the Kansas Poet Laureate program is a shining example of the value of supporting local and statewide arts,” said Governor Laura Kelly. “I encourage poets across the state to apply to be the eighth Poet Laureate of Kansas.”  

Abortion Rights Forces Won a Huge Victory in Kansas, But the Fight in the State Rages On

Topeka, KS- The landmark defeat of an anti-abortion amendment to the Kansas Constitution drew international attention. It left abortion rights forces thrilled and their opponents in despair. But it wasn’t the first Kansas fight over the polarizing social issue. It’s far from the last. Activists on both sides of the conflict woke up Wednesday bracing…