K-State Technology Development Institute’s Innovation Stimulus Program assists Kansas chiropractic table manufacturer

“We are always excited to work with local manufacturers, especially those who purchase many of their parts from other local fabricators,” said Bret Lanz, commercialization director at TDI. “When we looked to redesign some of the assemblies, we kept in mind other local suppliers’ capabilities and designed the parts in such a way that several individual parts could be incorporated into a single laser-cut part provided by one of their existing suppliers.”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 women and nearly 1 in 6 men experience some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetimes.”

Eggs-pert advice for Easter food safety 

“Eggs are perishable and if not handled safety, they can lead to foodborne illness,” Blakeslee said. “With any food preparation, always wash your hands before and after handling food.”

Mann, Smith, Latta Introduce Legislation Protecting Family-Owned Farms, Ranches, Businesses

“We continue to see damaging policies in the Biden Administration’s tax plan, including an effort threatening with the stepped-up basis,” said Rep. Mann. “Removing this provision would hurt generational Kansas farmers and ranchers and weaken their ability to keep assets in the family. The day-to-day trials of operating a successful farm, ranch, or small business are challenging enough without worrying about paying devastatingly large capital gains taxes. We must preserve the stepped-up basis and protect agriculturists now and in the future.”

FHSU Preparing for Annual Local Collegiate Rodeo

“Most of the rodeos in our region stay on the same dates every year,” Rumford said. “It would be a lot of re-scheduling if we moved it. It’s easier to make adjustments on the days of the week for our rodeo than to completely change dates.”

Garden Growing Pains

“K-State horticulture expert says many crops can adapt to grow vertically”